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This school was inaugurated in 1868 under the name of C/ Aluthgama Model Boys’ School. Mr. D. S. Migel was appointed as the first principal and there were three teachers and nine students.

In 1888, the school was renamed to C/ Aluthgama Model Mixed School. Girls too got the chance to enroll to this school. The school received a new building in 1898. During this period the student enrollments rose to 172 and the teaching staff rose to 9 members. In 1920, attendance was 223 which increased to 354 eleven years later. The number of teachers rose to 11. In the same year, 12 students sat for the “ Prarambhaka Vibhagaya” and 11 students got through.

This school became the best place for students who study subjects such as Agriculture , Carpentry , Cane Industry , Metal Work etc. In 1961, A/L education was started in Art and Commerce streams. Science stream classes were started in 1974. The school was rich with the number of 1500 student population where as the number of teachers increased to the number of 57 in 1976. An esthetic resource center was established in the school in 1983.

In 1992, the school was renamed to “Anura Parshada Mulastha Viduhala” and again it was renamed to WP/GM/ Anura Central College , promoting to the central college level. Every year, the school achieved all island victories in music and dancing. The name Anura central College spread all over the country as the “ Art Gallery of Siyane Korale”

In 2004, there were 64 teachers and 1482 students. The considerable number of students was qualified to enter the university. This was the milestone of increasing the number of students of all the streams such as Commerce, Art and Science. A/L Technical Subject stream was started in 2015 and a Mahindodaya Technical Lab was built in 2016.

At present, nearly 2500 students are studying and there are 7 parallel classes from grades 6-11 each. A/L education is done in 4 streams , Art, Commerce, TEC and Science. The academic staff consists of 100 teachers. The school is equipped with nearly 15 buildings including science , computer, mathematical labs, library , main hall, two 3 story buildings etc. There is a very big playground with a panoramic view comparing to the playgrounds of neighbouring schools. Male, female eastern and western bands, police cadet platoon, girl guides and boy scouts are actively performing in the school achieving all island victories.

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SECTION Number of Classes Number of Students
Secondary(6-11) 42 1864
A/L Science(12-13) 2 89
A/L Art(12-13) 6 263
A/L Commerce(12-13) 4 133
A/L Technology(12-13) 4 109


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